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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mosquito Bites on a Sunday night.
Ouch. Living close to the beach has its downside. But the upsides still overrule.
So Tom and I did the Home Depot thing this weekend. You would be amazed at the excitement I find in buying a new hose. We also stopped at a thrift shop and again I got all excited. I found jars to make sun tea. I searched everywhere and couldn't find any of those sun tea jars. There they were waiting for me in the Parish Thrift Shop.

I have to say though, the sun tea search brought us to our new outdoor table. I said Tom, lets stop at Pier 1, I'll be two minutes (haha). I thought maybe they would have some covered pitcher I could use. No luck with that, but we found a beautiful outdoor table for 100 bucks! Previously 300 dollars. How could we not go for it?

I did a little jewelry making and alot of photographing this weekend. We went to the beach for sunset on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Taco had a blast on Saturday.

I'm going to post some pics from the weekend.
I'm a lucky, lucky girl.
And I won't take that for granted..ever.

Enjoy the week.

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