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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday and I'm whiney

Ok, well a little whiney. I'm trying to look at some pictures I took of the jewelry I made but I can't. I have no idea why but the card isn't reading them. Maybe I'll just try again after I have a few cookies.

We had the house powerwashed this weekend. We are getting ready for the big paint of 2007. Dark gray with light blue trim. How sweet will that be? I can't wait to see it all finished. It will be our artful cottage. Our taste is a little on the eclectic side. I'm usually the one who is over the top. Tom is the minimalist. Together we are a tasteful team.

I love my blue kitchen and my mustardy gold living room. I smile when I see my gazing balls with bright sunshine squeezing through creating specs of light. I think of the day we hung them together, me cutting the ribbon and tom holding the glass spheres. I love that moment. It was then that I realized we were a team. I mean a minimalist hanging gazing balls. How cool is that?

Enjoy your Thursday.

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