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Sunday, August 5, 2007

I Gave Peace a Chance...

So we went to Woodstock on our first "real" vacation. Tom's been there a million times but never with me. So it was a first for both of us. We stayed in a great little place. Very casual and comfy. I took a lot of pictures.

They had a great little bead emporium and and awesome bread shop. We stayed right in town so no driving was necessary. And, I wore my pajama pants and fit right in. Anyone who knows me knows my love for my pajamas.

The hightlight of the trip for me was climing Mt. Overlook. Tom was right, you can't describe it. It's a rough uphill climb, but worth it. The view was spectacular and the hike was so interesting. We saw frogs, snakes (ew), and a chipmunk. I fell in love with an old hotel on the top of the mountain. Only the cement was there leaving an empty, eary but oh so cool feeling. It just has a feel of something went on there, but who knows what.

I have all these memories in my head that I save for my days when life gets tough. There was one of those memories that I saved from the trip. I was walking on the trail eating fresh raspberries with the most handsomest man walking in front in me. He found peace on this hike and now, so have I. Tom has the sweetest spirit. Honest, peaceful and true. I have yet to wake up and not see him smiling. Walking through the woods, eating berries with a man I just can't get enough of is worth every step it took to get here. Literally.

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