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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good Morning World!

Sunday Morning. Coffee and conversation. Love it.

So, I listed some more cards on Their a little softer than the Fifi Laru cards. The card thing is a lot of fun. And it's giving me a way to use my photography in a marketable way.
Did I tell you I love Trader Joe's? They have the greatest food there. Last night we had veggie lasagna and meatless balls(he-he). Tonight, to-furkey. Now, that one should be interesting.

This is a declared non-working weekend for us. We decided no house work for a few days. We are just playing with our Christmas toys and putting our toes up. Sometimes you just have to step back and just be.

My new itch is for a Dremel so I can drill things. Maybe next pay date.

Ok, back to my coffee.

PS. Here is a picture of my mom in 1951. Adorable.

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