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Monday, December 3, 2007

This Elf Is Working

I tried to log on to this site all weekend, but I couldn't. I have a bunch of photos to show you!
I'll post them later...hopefully I can get back on.

Saturday night is my first jewelry show. I'm really excited. I have lots of stuff as my living room is wearing my jewelry right now. Hopefully, Charlie hasn't decided to try stuff on.

My stuff on Etsy is selling..and that is really exciting. I love the thought of my treasures traveling cross country. I say to the jewelry, your going on a vacation and I will pay for you travel. So what if it's $2 shipping. It's the thought that counts right?

Tom and I stayed home all day yesterday and worked in our make shift studios.
I made soup-yummy. And we made jiffy pop. It was so darn good. And it felt good to do something silly.

We are like two cats curled up hiding from the cold world. I love it.

I'll post pics soon.

Check out my etsy site! Shop in your pj's.

Enjoy your Monday,


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