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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tin Foil Tree

Well, maybe it's not made of tin foil...but it could be!

It's one of those funky, retro, alluminum trees. You know the one that comes with a strobe light? It's gaudy, and sparkly and I can't imagine anything better.
Sure, when my Mom sees it she is going to say, oh my Jennifer. That tree makes me sick (kind of like when I take her to thrift stores).
My brother will say, Jenn, what are you Nanny now?
Steve will say, is that a fire hazard?
Our tree top is a doll I used to have during the 70's. I bought it from Ebay.
And that's me and Rich.... a long, long time ago.
So, yes, it's been the first time in a few years I had a tree. Charlene, you are right. Every new life, needs a new tree.

And to me, this is perfect.

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