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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside!!

So, my silly, funny, furry, fraidy cat decided to go outside tonight. He followed Taco right out the front door. It's freezing out there! He would never survive. What was he thinking?
My neighbors probably think I'm nuts because I was screaming, Charlie!!!!!!

They might think Charlie is my boyfriend and that I was yelling at him. Charlie, get over here. Charlie please come back. Thank Goodness our closest neighbors know our names.

I was able to get him in. If I wasn't, believe me I wouldn't be blogging. We'd be outside, in the cold, searching for him.

Charlie reminds me of the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz. He is huge, he acts so tough but yet if he hears another cat meow he has a panic attack. He is seriously a big baby. And that makes us even more cautious. He is a mush.
I love my Charlie cat. I'm so glad he is ours. And I'm so glad he is passed out on our couch right now rather than outside cold and missing us.

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