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Friday, January 18, 2008

Get Your Free Books Here!!!

So, last week we went and got library cards. What dorks we are. Ok, it was my idea. But by the time we left, Tom was like this is awesome!

Free books! Free videos! Free magazines. DUH. Of course, it's the library. Jenn, you knew the library was free since you were like 5. So, why haven't you used it?

I guess that's because it takes time. I guess because I forgot. Or maybe because I thought new books were only on Amazon.

Truth is it takes time. But I enjoy it.
Yes, new books are on Amazon....but, wow....the library has old books, which actually has become more my style.

This week I orderd my library books online and they were ready when we got there tonight. I actually had my little shopping fix, for free! It was like getting chinese take out with out having to pay!

Not to mention, I got some awesome books that I couldn't find anywhere else. A book from 1973 on jewelry making. Ok, so the book had instructions on how to use chicken bones in your jewelry making...ewwwwwwww.

Amazon, see ya. We have a new place to get our old books. Sometimes good things stay good.

Ok, well, let me get my coffee. I'll be up late reading.

Peace out,


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