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Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Response To The Story In The Last Post

My letter to the editor....If you would like to write a letter, email me. I'll give you the email address......

I subscribe to the Beacon Record because I feel as a local resident, I should be aware of local happenings.

I do not, however, feel it's necessary to open the paper and see local upsetting incidents made fun of.

I'm referring to venison for dinner. A deer was hit by a car and that is how the summary was titled. I find that extremely insensitive. An animal was hit by a vehicle and hurt. It isn't funny or something to be made fun of. I understand most of what is in that Police Beat has a humor to it, but killing an animal...that isn't light hearted.

Please take a look into how your paper writes about animals. I would hope they would write about animals as they would people.

I don't want to subscribe to a paper that laughs at animal suffering.


Jennifer Vorraro

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