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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You Should Never Feel Invisible.

Some days I feel as if the world needs special glasses in order to see me.

There is only one place where I feel noticed. It's in my tiny house by the sea, with a man who notices me each morning. And he is sad to say good night to me.

I was never the apple of my father's eye. Or the cool sister.

Yesterday, I thought about what I would do if I had a child. How would I let them know, I noticed them?

I would praise the child like there was no one better. Cause their won't be, in my eyes. Even on the most ordinary day, they will do something extrAodinary.

I would compliment their uniqueness and be grateful for their non-conformEnce.

I would treat the child as a person. Not a smaller version of myself.

I would be sure the child knew, that I noticed that they were magnificent, fabulous, the best thing the universe had offered when he/she is ignored by the world....they won't notice. They will know they are visible to me.

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