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Monday, March 10, 2008

My Best Friend Has A Hairy Chest

It's true.

He has a hairy chest. Horrible breath. Some missing teeth. Eats off the floor. And passes gas without saying excuse me.

And I don't mind at all.

He's Taco. My 10 and a half year old, long haired chihuahua.

I adore him.

Taco and I have been through some hard times, some soft times...and lots of doggie bones together. He has been the eyes I have turned to for advice. And the love that shows no conditions.

Taco started out in California. I actually adopted him from my Aunt Angie and Uncle Tommy. He flew here, from Cali. He left his surf board behind and headed for Long Island.

He was instantly my fur kid. From the moment he jumped in the car, I was in puppy love. And I grow more in puppy love each day.

Lately, more than ever, I find myself saying, Taco...if only you were a real boy.

Like we are Gipetto and Pinochio.

I think it's partly because I would love to have a real boy. Partly, because he is getting older and I am scared of losing him.

The vet said that he has a strong heart. I knew that before we even went for a recent visit.

Taco, my best buddy, I hope your strong heart keeps you in this world, with me, forever...

I love you, Stink Rat...

Your mommy,


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