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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Noisyboy grew out of four musicians who basically needed to hit things.......loudly. Songs grew quickly in our practice room,and were played hard and fast. Tom Jorgensen flying over his drums laid the beat for John Brzoza and Paul Gilmore to flog their guitar and bass like red headed stepchildren. Steve Marc singing like each song is gonna set fire to someone, fronts the whole . This is unrelenting ROCK music. No apologies, no quarter. Group dynamics were hot and it comes out in this music. Influences like Led Zep, Guns, the Cult, Pink Floyd, U2 and Cheap Trick are apparent here. No easy listening. Put on a helmet and hang on this is not for the soft and comfortable hours. This is NOISYBOY!!-Paul Gilmore

PS. Tom's the cute one..(sorry guys)

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