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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gravity Got My Girl

When you're a child there's almost always that certain defining moment when you look down and see your ice cream cone on the ground and it all instantly clicks, gravity is a f*cker and it will get you everytime.

Well this week, gravity got my girl. And that's why I'm sad yet proudly sitting in for her here tonight at her blog gig...

Monday night I got the call at "band camp" (as Jenn calls it) and when our guitarist said Jenn's brother is on the phone I knew, this was gonna' be bad. "Jenn fell, and they're pretty sure she broke her collar bone" her brother said. My heart dropped. My sweet girl was laying in the hospital after falling and breaking a bone.

Just how much that special someone in your life means to you and how deeply you love them is seldomly so well actualized as a twenty minute drive to a hospital emergency room because that someone has injured themself really bad. It's a feeling that wells up in your core and makes you realize just how tied you are to their special life, just how vulnerable the two of you are in this crazy universe. Their life is your life. Their pain is your worst pain ever. And you realize, their gravity is your gravity.

"She will be all right", the bone will heal" the doctor said when I arrived.

I love Jenn even more because of the drive to the hospital that night.
And she is even stronger than I thought she was.


P.S. I was going to write about how pissed off I am at people for not seeing through the whole George Bush thing for the past seven years but I guess I'll just keep that to myself. ;-D

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