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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Miss My Nanny.

Five years ago today, my Nanny passed away. I miss my Nanny.

I miss the way she would pull my toes and make them crack.
I miss the way she would call me Nanny, as a term on endearment.
I miss the way she would she would love the fact that we would sit and eat together. And eat some more. And then a little more.
I miss her silliness.
I miss her zest for life.
I miss her telling me stories, about Brooklyn, about Bakeries, about a simple way of life that I couldn't dare to imagine.
I miss her telling me about my Poppy. Her memories, became mine.
I miss her calling me Nej...and no one really understanding why.
I miss her potatoes and eggs and her chick peas and macaroni.
I miss her phone calls that were for no reason. I don't get calls like that anymore.

I think of her every day and I take her wherever I go. Funny thing is, I'm more like her now than ever before. I just hope that she is watching, and laughing and seeing the impact she made on my life.

I love you my silly Nanny.
And although I can't hold you hand, I want you to know, you hold mine.

I miss my Nanny.

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