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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday @ 4pm

Happy Saturday afternoon world.

Today we ran all over the place. We had to go to Huntington to pick up an extra key for my car, thanks Rich. The post office (Tom's favorite thing to do-ha), the library. You know...errands.

We went to the oriental grocery for some interesting food. I love to go there and see all the different sauces, snacks and bread. There is always something new to try there.

We just finished our Saturday cleaning, thank God for a small house. And now it's time for some relaxation. I just ran around the house with my camera and took some photos of what goes on in this house at around 4pm on Saturday. Are you laughing at Charlie's photo? Did you ever see such a long cat? Oh, and that photo of Tom, that is attempt at a wink. Good thing he wasn't trying to flirt with me for the first time. ;)

Oh and Taco, he was too busy to stop for a photo.

What's going on at your place at 4pm?



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