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Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday Night On a Monday Night

Oh, I have that Sunday night feeling on a Monday night.

I have been out of work, because of my fall, for two weeks. Tomorrow will be my first day back. It almost feels weird.

I did have a lovely weekend.

We went to the farm stand for veggies on Saturday. Then, had dinner with my Mom.

That's always fun. We took her for a really long walk with Taco. And stopped at the beach. I wish she didn't have to work so many hours so she could come over more often.

Today was laundry day. I got out of it, yippee. I went, but did nothing but read. I do not like going to the laundry mat. It's boring. I swear, I sometimes think that if Tom didn't remind me, I'd pretend to forget. I'd just throw everything out and go buy new clothes instead of washing them. Ok, so I wouldn't do that, but I'm trying to get my thought across.

I have some pics to post from the weekend. I hope yours was just as lovely...but laundry free.

Oh, those are my birdy peanuts. Every morning I bring out peanuts to my friend, a blue jay. I yell out, good morning friend, and he comes. It's the coolest thing.

And don't worry, I make sure he eats it all and I don't just leave a mess for rodents...ewwwww.

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