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Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Rock Of Love

Yesterday, I had a rough a day. It was one of those, the world is selfish and I feel invisible type of days. And when I get those days, I just don't shut up. I can go on and on and on.

I started when Tom walked in the door. I said, my mood has nothing to do with you. I'm upset. And then went through every detail of my day that had made me feel that way. Every detail. And I'm sure I repeated myself at least three times.

Tom listened and nodded. He's knows my deal.

It wasn't even one major thing that was bothering me. It was a bunch of things. I actually wanted to tell myself to shut up. My voice was annoying me. But, Tom just kept listening and nodding. He knows how this chick works.

I have a pattern. I have talk things out, to let them go. It works and he is so good about it. Usually what I'm talking about has nothing to do with him. I have to say, the guy is pretty close to perfect. I say pretty close because he sometimes uses the kitchen table as a cutting board. :)

I'm not being one of those corny chicks either. I'm serious...there is nothing more I could ask for. He is giving, caring, a fabulous listener. He never raises his voice, doesn't like sports and is my most dedicated cheerleader. He's incredibly handsome and has great taste(as you can tell ;)) and has the best sense of humor. He's honest, realistic and tells it like it is. He's never blows smoke up my a%$, just to shut me up. If I make an ugly pair of earrings, he'll tell me. But, if I make an awesome pair, he tells me...over and over again. I trust him in every way.

He doesn't like me to be stressed. It's only over the past few weeks that it hit me. He gets upset, if I'm upset. Not necessarily because he is upset. He gets upset for me. With me. Along side of me.

I know if I called him up today at 1pm, told him I bought a tee-pee and that I think it's a good idea we move there, quit our jobs and live off the land...his reply would be, can we still get wireless? He believes in all my quirky ideas. Because he believes in me.

Forgive me if I sound cheesy and annoying, but I just can't help it. I am so crazy about this guy, it's ridiculous. I sometimes just look at him and giggle because he's so cute. Or look at him and cry, because I can't believe he's real.

Because of him, I have lived. For so long I was watching other people live and waiting for someone to see me. I am so thankful he was wearing those special "spot a cool chick" goggles when he was surfing the net.

When I came into work today, he sent me this note...

Hey just remember as you go through today...
This boy loves you very much.
Everything else is piss.
That's right, piss.

First I smiled. Then I cracked up.
And then I thought, he's right.

He is my "rock of love".



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