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Monday, June 30, 2008

I Wish You Peace, Aunt Theresa

Today, my Aunt Theresa passed away.

Aunt Theresa is my Nanny's little sister. The baby. The kid.

I think of the three girls, together again. Josie, Marie and Theresa. I look at this picture and imagine the fun times they had together growing up. The laughter. The stories.

And now, they must have so much to catch up on.

I think of my Uncle Billy. They were married for 53 years. How do you manage your first night alone after spending 53 years next to someone? I just don't know.

I think of my Mom, losing her last living aunt. Who will tell the stories now?

I think of my Aunt Angie, my Mom's sister, who is on the other side of the country, and doesn't have a chance to say goodbye.

Aunt Theresa, you are a beautiful woman. A fabulous wife, an amazing Mom. You showed us all what true love looks like(in you and Uncle Billy). And I will always treasure the gift of seeing that love.

Tell my Nanny I miss her. More than ever. And that now it seems she is even further away, now that you are gone. Give her a hug please. And tell her my life has holes in it, because she isn't there to fill it in with love and laughter. I am forever missing me, because I'm missing her.

I pray for peace, Aunt Theresa. For you, for Uncle Billy, for your children and their children. And also for all of us.



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