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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Only An Interruption-Just Listed On Etsy

This is not the end. This is only an interruption.

I created this piece not long after my recent collar bone break. Feeling frustrated because I was limited to what I could do, I felt like my life had wasn't moving along.

So, I had to remind myself, this was not the end, it was just an interruption.

What does this print make you think of?

I wish I had had this print on my wall through many of my obstacles. As sometimes I need to remind myself, life will go on. And rough times are usually passing. Hopefully once the jagged edges are worn smooth, you will be a stronger person for it.

This 5x7 velvet giclee print is ready for framing. Through digitally altering a photograph I took, I created an interesting piece of artwork. And of course, I added my own own words.

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