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Monday, July 14, 2008

Cliff, I Wish You Peace, and Honey...

Today, I came into work to find that my friend, Cliff, had passed away last night.

Cliff, was a pharmacist at my job, who recently retired. A sweet man, that would give you the shirt off his back, literally. Let me tell you the story.

Once, Cliff was wearing a groovy shirt from the 70's. I walked passed the pharmacy, and said, hey Cliff, cool shirt. About a week later, I came into work to find the shirt, dry cleaned and gift wrapped, waiting for me. Confused...I went over to the pharmacy. I said, Cliff, this is your shirt. He said, yes, but you like it, so now it's yours.

Now, that is literally giving someone the shirt off your back. He was generous, beyond words. And that generousity was spread throughout our office.

Just two weeks ago, he was in my office, visiting. Showing me photos of his family and grandson. He was only 66. It just feels surreal.

His passion, aside from his work, was bee keeping. He was recently featured in a NY Times article, talking about his passion for bees. I am hoping you will take a look at it. I hope you will take a little something from the article, and help Cliff's legacy live on.

Today, I am sad, for a wife lost her husband, a son...his father, and a daughter, her dad.

And I have lost a friend, who made me laugh, listened as I talked about my doggie and gave me the shirt off his back.

I will miss you Clifford.

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