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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Smaller Can Mean Bigger...

I've been trying so hard to become more organized. I really have been. But, gosh, there is so much to do!

Make your lunch before work. Don't leave your coffee mug on your desk. Take it home. Get gas. Dinner. The bills. Feed the pets. Clean. Get a haircut. Laundry. Milk.

Gosh, I just want to take pictures and play with beads all day!

But, we know how that works. I'd probably be bored of that if it was my day job, right? Right. Right??? Right??? Say yes, because that will make me feel better!

To help keep our home organized, Tom and I have been trying to keep our hobbies organized too. Finding beads on the bathroom floor can be annoying after a while.

One day, while cleaning and dreaming of free space, I thought about the front room, which in it's day was a parlor, and that it would make a great little studio for me. It's a small room, with lots of windows and very bright. It's a happy little room, and is what sold me on the house. It has a beautiful archway that announces the living room. I then thought, hey, that room is too small for us to really "live" in. We just look it. Why not make that room a studio? Tasteful, but yet, a place for me to play.

Two days later, Tom bought me a desk for my new studio, for my birthday, and the excitement began.

I'm working on decoupaging a chair for the desk. I'm going to get a funky rug, and pretty curtains. And use my grandmothers vintage cabinet as storage for my beads. Our goal is to make our barn a studio, but first things first. We had to work on our living space, before our playing space and we both know the barn is going to be a lot of work.

So, we are saying this is a temporary fix. Who knows, I may never want to give that front room up..shhh..don't tell Tom.

Ok, so the studio for me, well, that was my first thought. Then I felt guilty, I thought, how can you have a studio, without Tom having one too. He actually needs it. Jennifer wants it. And that's when it hit me.

We have a back room that can be transformed, tastefully, into a studio for Tom. The room itself serves as the first place you enter when you come in our back door, so it's a hard room to make into a "living" space. But, it won't be hard to make that into a rockin studio. Thank God for earphones. :) Tom received his new desk yesterday, for his birthday.

And so the creating begins. We each will design our own creative space. I'm sure I'll be taking pictures. Interestingly enough, the front and back of our house will now hold a studio. Tom's will be more modern. Mine, eclectic...but I'm sure it will work. That's basically the style of our house.

Sunday is our day to play on the weekends. Usually we have a rule that kind of developed on it's own. We don't do housework on Sunday. We do whatever we want. So, I have a feeling lots of extra creativity will be brewing in our house on Sundays, alongside a pot of coffee.

Sometimes having a smaller house, means having a bigger house. You know what I mean?

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