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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Soul, Written by Me 7/10/2006

My soul was like a raisin,
A grape it should have been.
It was dried out and thirsty,
With a thick dehydrated skin.

I knew I had to nourish it,
I began to exfoliate.
I got rid of those flaky patches,
And I started to date.

Tom was my replenishing cream,
He revitalized my pores.
He smoothed away the roughness,
By opening Starbuck's doors.

The next step was to protect,
And that is what he has he done.
With Tom as my daily regimen,
I no longer fear the sun.

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palĂ­ndromos said...

uau...pretty nice your poem. I liked a lot... is that right? my english is not one of the best, but, well, congrats. I tought very nice the way that you descrives the soul like something material. like it would be something naturalist and at the same time you can make the diference between soul and body...very nice. If you want you can visit my site too. a write poems, also.