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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Why My Heart Smiled Today

My friend Charlene commutes to Manhatten to work everyday. It's pretty rough everday, but in the's worse!

This is part of an email she sent me. And although, I'm sure it wasn't funny to her at the moment, I found it bought beautiful and funny.

People are real. People have personality. And I think that's what makes us all so very special.

I so hope this fellow got his KFC!

Charlene: I am so exhausted. I just got home from work. The subway car wasn't air conditioned and we got stuck and there was a guy singing (to the tune of "Feelings" but very off key: "Feeling, feeling like a chicken head. feeling like I'll never have kentucky fried chicken again" -- or something to that effect. He came around demanding money. I gave him 50 cents but felt like telling him I'd give him a dollar if he'd just stop singing. I'm just so glad to be home.

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