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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey, That's MY Picture

So, what's the deal?

The Rocky Point Monster Photo that is all over the web is my photo. It's everywhere, yet no one has yet asked me if they can use it. I guess stealing pictures is legal, if the picture isn't pretty.

Lesson learned. I should listen to Tom more often and watermark my photos.

People are commenting saying the photo is blurry. Don't insult me people. Of course it's blurry. You would be also if you were being copy and pasted all over the place. And I've seen people commenting that whoever took the picture is trying impersonate the original "monster". That is so far from the truth.

I took the photo because I thought it look like a dead animal who had been in the water for way too long. Therefore, I was trying to prove the Montauk Monster really was not a monster.

I know I might be the party pooper in this story....but can we let the animals rest in peace?

And if you want to use the picture, that's fine. But at least ask first. I'm not talking legality, I'm talking politeness.


kim* said...

ah...i havent seen it anywhere... which one tho?

Jenn said...

here it is..ewww