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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Make Your Own Ring Sizer

Are you shopping online for jewelry, but don't know your ring size. Well, here it is...your very own ring sizer.

Just cut out a strip of paper and slip it around your finger. Take your pen and mark the spot where the paper meets the one end. Then just measure the distance from the mark to the end of the paper. Then refer to the chart below.

You will see the measurement first, then in parenthesis, the ring size.

Now, every girl should know her ring size. Cause, never know when a rich, handsome sailor is coming to shore.

length 1 15/16(Your a 5) 2 1/16(6) 2 3/16(7) 2 5/16(8) 2 7/16(9) 2 9/16(10) 2 11/16 (11) 2 13/16(12) 2 15/16(13)


Anonymous said...

This is SO helpful! I ordered some amazing thumbrings off Etsy the other week and didn't know my ring size. I ordered what I *thought* it was and it wouldn't even fit my pinky! Ack! Thankfully, the seller was amazing about taking them back and sending the right size.

Great guide!

Thanks! :)

Jenn said...

Yeah...I'm so happy!