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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Simply Saturday

Today I am so grateful for...a simple Saturday.

Today was a simple Saturday. We worked on stuff around the house. Ate mac and cheese. Went to the thrift store. Watched TV. Talked about our fur kids. Danced a little. Laughed a little.

Simple Saturday's with Tom are always the most exciting for me.

I adore this man. I look over at him, snoozing on the chair and I think, how did I get this lucky? Me. Jenn. Lucky.

He is the most interesting, most beautiful man I have ever met.

He makes me laugh. He makes cry(the good kind). He makes me excited for the future and ok with my past. He makes everything make sense.

Even the things that never made sense before, make sense now.

I am thankful for, fascinated by and crazy in love with the man snoozing next to me.

I'm simply....a girl, in love with boy...

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