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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This is my Aunt Angie. My Godmother. I call her AA for short. I adore her.

My AA is the most beautiful Aunt in all the world. She is a true fashionista. If I wanted to know what was in style, I'd call her before I would trust my own taste.

She's tiny. But don't mess with her, she's tough. AA is a fighter.

My AA is the toughest fighter I know.

She bought me my first Cabbage Patch Doll. I can still remember the day the mailman delivered her. I don't think there was ever a box I looked foward to as much as that box. I don't know how she got that doll, because they were so hard to get...but she did. And it was the best gift a little girl could get from her AA.

Once, when my brother was part of bridal party and I wasn't invited to the wedding(we were little kids), she whisped me away to stay with her for a week. She lived in South Carolina, I was in NY. She took me to the pool, shopping, to the aquarium, even on a submarine..with my cousins. She took away the sadness of being an uninvited guest to a wedding my brother was a ring bearer in. Instead, she made it our special time. And I loved every minute of it.

And when I got cancer, she came flying in from across the country to see me. She drove me places. She layed on the couch with me. She had snacks with me. She stayed with me. She took away the scary feeling I had while we waited to find out if I needed chemo. Instead, she made it our special time. And she made a very hard time, soft.

She is my Favorite.

I talk to my AA every day. And smile when I see an email from her. My AA is my Sunshine.

I love you AA!!

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