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Friday, September 5, 2008

Today Is a Better Day

I actually deleted yesterday's blog...because today is a better day.

Sometimes, I just find the need to write my crap because I'd rather not keep it inside. But, I don't want to tell my stories to my co-workers or repeat myself 20 times to those who are closest to me. So, I write it and send it out to the universe...and then feel better.

I was upset because a couple that I know well, decided to split up and it's almost scary to see it.

But, I was also upset, because I am tired of being treated like my words don't matter....because they do.

And, I was also and am also concerned about my family. Nothing feels right when that is going on. I am carrying around two broken hearts...One for my Aunt Angie, who is the strongest woman I know. And one for another family member, I'd rather not name.

It sucks when all that stuff happens all at once...and you still have to go one with your normal day.

We all have our moments.

But, today was better. I car pooled with my friend Debbie. Tom and I had Mexican take out. Aunt Angie made me laugh today. And so did my Mom.

I look to the right of my computer and I see a white and brown fluff ball named Charlie, who is giving me a grumpy look. Because, that's what he does.

I look a little further right and I see a little chihuahua, curled up on a couch. Farting because I thought it would be ok to give him some baked beans. My nose will tell you it wasn't ok.

On the chair behind me, is a man studying... really hard. He doesn't care that I've been in my pj's since he got home. And I don't even think he realized I was wearing them to get the take out.

I actually think am becoming one of those crazy haired cat ladies. Sure I only have one cat. And I don't wear purple and eat out of dented cans. But it's not about how the crazy cat lady looks. It's about her spirit.

She really doesn't care about what anyone thinks of her. She is happy in her own little world. Doing what she thinks she should be doing. And she is making other creatures happy when they enter her world.

Isn't that what we all really want, but don't always do?

Do we make fun of the crazy haired cat lady, but secretly want to be her?

I say, yes.

In her world, it's a better day.

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