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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bright, White, Happy Lights

I love white lights. They are just so bright and happy. Festive. Fun. And why wait for an occassion?

Tom made the mistake of leaving the white lights out. They should be in the barn until Christmas.

He came home to some lights by my window in front of my desk. And lights over the kitchen cabinets. I thought he was going to come home and be like..ewww. But, he thinks it's groovy. Or could it be he is becoming immune to my crazy ideas?


Joelle said...

haha immune? lights are cool.
I still have some in our living room. orange & purple. and im a white light type of girl.always have been and always will be, but this mama caved in & IM GLAD!!!

~ but the glow at night is sweet. and reflects off our mirror over the mantle. & the purple is over a sofa/couch. actually resting ON the couch. with a pumpkin still in the middle at the top of it all. with lights! and because my baby still LOVES it & until HE gets the Christmas stuff down.... Its staying! ; )
so Im loving lights right now! and my older girls were just asking me why I still had them up. they were shocked I still have the pumpkin out.
so Enjoy your lights!!!

Jenn said...

I don't know if he will ever get immune to it. Poor guy!

I love the white lights. They put me in a good mood. We should celebrate every day right? Why not. :)

I say keep the pumpkin out till Thanksgiving!!


Jenn said...

I'm going to post this on my blog too!