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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Basketball players make about 2-6 million dollars a year. 7-12 Million, if they win the finals. They have a contract.

Oncologists start at around 125k a year. Even if patients make the finals(no bonus pay). And there is no contract.

And thanks to the insurance industry and people who feel that sueing is healing, the star athelete that saved my life, Dr. Pearl, is being forced to close his doors. And sadly, there is no coach to negotiate for him.

There are "just" the patients. The girls on the sideline, rooting our heros on. Belting out our songs of gratitude and praise, in hopes that our doctors will have a new home to work from. A place for us to visit, for healing.

We are heartbroken for ourselves and our doctors. As they worry about us, we worry about them to.

Marylou and I have started a blog for LIGO lovers and their familys. A place for positive expression.

Our teal team is praying for an answer. We hope you will too.


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