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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Just Wanted a Cup of Coffee!

Sometimes we laugh we when see Tom taking a very domesticated action.

I mean, lets face it...he went from being a rockin' bachelor, to almost married man. Basically because of a cup of coffee.

Now he is the masher of the cardboard boxes that Jenn seems to have waiting for him(daily).

The coffee maker.

The Christmas package delivery boy.

The fur father.

The windshield washer fixer.

The Etsy shipper.

The seltzer and cranberry juice maker.

The man who does the laundry at lunch.

That guy who stops for toilet paper on his way home from band practice.

The Jenn, don't forget your keys, or the phone, or your sandwich, or ...(the list goes on).

I guess you can say, he owes it all to a cup of coffee. Or should I say, he can blame it on the cup of coffee.

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