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Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh, Charlie...

Our cat, Charlie, is the most interesting cat I have ever met.

He's a typical boy. Doesn't like kisses from his Momma. Always tries to look cool in front of his Dad. But the truth is Charlie is the biggest mush you've ever met.

If it rains, you'll find him under the bed.

If Taco is outside, you'll be sure to find him crying as he looks outside the window...searching for him.

When we pull up into the driveway...there he is, you'll see his little head pop up in the window that is closest to the car.

He eats about 4 kernels of food at time. He never indulges and always plays it safe.

He won't come to bed until he is sure the squirrels are sleeping.

He's just such a little character!

But, I have to say...the thing that gets me the most is Monday nights. Monday is band practice for Tom. So it breaks up the schedule we normally have. Every other night, he comes home the same time.

Charlie worries. I see it in his face. Where is he? Why is he late? How come he's not here? What's he doing? When's he gonna get here?

Tonight, while I was sitting in the living room, I was able to take a picture of the front door, from the chair. Charlie is on the ottoman by my feet. Can you see his ears? That's him. Staring at the door waiting for Tom.

Oh, Charlie, I said...he'll be home soon.

I can't wait either.

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