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Monday, December 1, 2008


Oh, blah. That's how I feel right now.

The end of the day is here. Which means, I better rest up for work tomorrow. Oh, how I wish I could stay home and make jewelry and take pictures all day.

My fur men were curled up right beside me all day. It's so quiet in this house. In this neighborhood. I sometimes feel like nothing exists outside of the walls of this house.

I've spent my whole life running and it feels good to finally sit down. I'm tired.

Sometimes I'll say Tom, I'm turning into an old lady. He usually says, yeah, but your still sexy...and that's what counts. I shake my head and roll my eyes.

But, seriously, sometimes I do feel like an old lady. I'm going to be 37.

But, then I remember that I'm 37. Only 37. I've been through alot in these 37 years. I have no regrets. Although, I feel like I have done enough worrying for a lifetime, so maybe now, things will get easier?

I want to be silly. I want to sleep in. See some of those laugh lines(like they are caused by laughing)dissapear. Go shopping in Sayville with my Mom. Go to the city, with Tom, and take pictures.

For the first time in my life..the truth is...I want to play.

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