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Monday, December 15, 2008

"She Didn't Know"

My thoughts often become interrupted by some of the events I see around me. But a recent "interruption", has truly put a pause on my thinking.

This event was very disturbing to me. Not because these things don't happen. But because I now realize, they shouldn't happen.

This piece was inspired by someone very dear to me. She knows who she is.

"She didn't know what he wanted, so she gave him everything". As soon as these words entered my head, I knew who they were meant for.

***I know you did everything you could possibly do for him. And I know deep in my heart, that he doesn't know what he wants. And I want you to know that my heart breaks with yours.

It breaks for you...because I know how much you love him.

It breaks for him...because I'm scared for his regrets.

And it breaks for me, because I already miss you.

I love you, no matter what happens. No matter where life takes you. And no matter who it is that holds your hand.

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