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Friday, January 2, 2009

Cozy, Tosey Day at The Punkass Palace

Ahhh, 1:47 and I'm still in my pj's. I could live this way every day.

We treated ourselves to new pillows, with a gift certificate I got from Ole and Steve. Their those memory foam ones...and I can say...they help you sleep really well. I haven't been sleeping so well lately, but I think the pillows will help.

I lazily got up after 9:30. Ate some cookie crunch cereal(i know it's not good for you), and had some coffee.

Then I made some paste out of starch and water. And painted some backgrounds for my pictures. Maybe I'll make some earrings now. Maybe, first, I'll have another cup of coffee.

This is the life we have made for ourselves.

Tom is making a cd with the boys. I'm making art with my fur kids. Sure, our house is tiny, but it leaves us with more time for us.

We talk all the time about what this house was like when we first bought it. How my Mom thought I was nuts. Here I was venturing into a fix me upper with a man who I hadn't seen hammer any nails.

The first night she saw saw it, it was a rainy and dark night in December, two years ago. She quietly said to me, is this the best you could for the money? Are you sure he's handy?

To be quiet honest, it was the best we could do. And to be really, really honest, I had no idea if he was handy. But my gut told me, it would all work out.

I trusted him.

And it was this house that enforced my trust.

I watched him work day in and out. Doing work, no one would have wanted to do. Pulling down walls and old insulation. Closing off doors and painting till the wee hours of the night.

And all with no help. Well, except for me reminding him to eat once and a while.

Tom always says, never ask for help unless you can't do it yourself. And that's he way he lives. He never asks for anything he can't do on his own. Therefore, he never asks for anything.

We both put every once of energy we had into this house.

We painted the outside on the hottest summer days. Scraping paint. Priming. And then adding color. Sort of like our relationship.

First we were Jenn and Tom. Two people who had to scrape away their old junk before priming with our new relationship. And now we add color. Daily.

I am ever so grateful for these cozy, tosey day's. The day's where I get to stay in my pj's, drinking coffee, and making things in our Tom and Jenn world.

And I smile when I think of how my Mom looked at me the first night she came here. Because that was the moment I realized that she was right. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But that was also the moment that I knew it would all work out just fine. Better then fine. Perfect. Because I believed in us, as a team.

Team Punkass

Stella(the previous owner's), seemed to like yellow. Well, that's what I think the floor originally was. Our kitchen is the robin's egg blue.

I'll post more photos of our kitchen later.

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