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Monday, January 26, 2009

See You in My Memories, Harry...

When Tom and I first started dating, we would go to Sayvile, quite often. Sayville is a quaint, charming town on Long Island. Filled with wonderful shops and a Starbucks...we often went for an evening stroll.

That is where we met Harry. There was a fabulous little bookshop in town, that had a big window out front. And at night, when the store was closed, we would look in the window and see Harry, the bookshop cat. And before you knew it, Harry became a stop on our Sayville strolls.

One day, we went inside to actually "meet" Harry. The owner told us Harry, was a girl. She was found on a day that one of the Harry Potter books came out, hence, the name. There was just something about Harry we loved.

Well, yesterday we were in Sayville and decided to stop in and see Harry. And sadly, after we walked in, we realized the shop was closing it's doors this week. It seems as if the recession hits everywhere. Even sweet little bookshops with sweet little cats.

I know we won't see Harry again, and that saddens me. But I am grateful for the memories I have of him. A sweet little face, in a bookshop window. A special memory, during a special time of my life.

Don't all good romances have a cat in a bookstore window?

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