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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ahhh ha!

Last night I had an, ahh ha, moment.

I was working on a photograph, when I realized my mood totally effects how the picture will come out. I think we all kind of know that, but I never really thought about the effect your mood at the moment, can have on the outcome.

I had a rough day. All my "edits" last night, were soft. I swear if I worked on those photos tonight, they would have turned out totally different. When you create, determines what you create.

I'm usually so focused on making a beautiful creation and having things turn out "right", but last night, I wasn't. I was just going with the flow.

When I critique what I do, from now on, I think I am going to start focusing on the mood that I was in when I was creating the piece. I want to be more in tuned to the "me" in each piece.

So, that leaves me thinking...should I create more, when I'm feeling energized, happy, positive? Or when I'm using the artwork, as therapy.

I say both!


Red from Ktown said...

Hi...I am a photographer as well, and I've noticed the same thing. I design wedding albums for my husband & my's business. I know that when I'm PO'd or super happy, it DOES affect the outcome of the pic.I will go back later and know almost immediately what kind of mood I'm in. I usually solve it with ice cream...haha!!

Jenn said...

I solve everything with ice cream! Good mood, ice cream. Bad mood, ice cream.....ummm.

I think I need some now!!!