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Friday, February 20, 2009

I Hope I Don't Get Fired!!

No, not my job. From a crochet lesson!

Tomorrow morning, I am going over my friend Debbie's house for a crochet lesson. We are going to crochet and have breakfast in our pajamas. But...I'm nervous!

Years ago, Grandma Fanny tried to teach me. And she told me a 7 year old could do it better. Then she fired me! Can you really be fired from a crochet class? I guess so...

So wish me luck. Hopefully, I'll at least learn the chain stitch. If not, I'll be able to kiss her 5 cats and her collie.

Happy Friday! is my new print.


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Your grandma fired you? haha!
You will do just fine! I can't crochet much more than a scarf or square blanket but it IS fun!
You'll get the hang of it quickly, I'm sure. Just relax, enjoy your morning and post pics of what you make!!

Red from Ktown said...

She obviously doesn't have any grandkids.

Not cool man. If you can't count on a G-ma for patience, then who can you??

Lisa said...

my daughter could crochet at 5- i still cant at 45......

Island Sunshyne said...

Hi Jenn -
I honestly can't remember whose blog I followed your link from (shame on me!), but I wanted to comment and let you know that your blog description TOTALLY reeled me in! You sound like such a witty and interesting person with quite the story to tell.

Just wanted to drop by and say hello. Now I'm going to go back and read some of your posts...


Jenn said...

Darla-Grandma Fanny is my ex-husbands Grandma. I had to divorce him over this.

Totally kidding about the reason for the divorce!

But, seriously, she fired me. But, she could get away with it. She was cute enough to get away with anything.