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Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm So Glad It's a New Week!

Last week was crappy...literally. Tom's car, the cesspool. Yuck.

But, today, we got the cesspool fixed and life seems back to normal, for a bit. It's the things you take for granted, that are really a big deal when they are gone. Hot showers, the toilet!

Sunday, our friends, Charlene and Joe got engaged. What a rock! She was beaming from head to toe. I am really excited for her. They have been together for 9 years and they make a good pair. So, this week started off on a good note. Yippie.

Have you tried the Dunkin Donut's rasberry, mocha latte. It's really good. It probably holds the calories I should be having for the entire day, but life is to be enjoyed.

Tom is at band practice. He has a big gig in Montauk coming up so they are really working hard. They have there originals, but have recently decided to do covers also. It makes you marketable. They have been working on this project for over two years so we are excited to see it come to life. I really hope it does well. For a lot of reasons.

Here is a picture of Charlene and Joe...Isn't she glowy??




Lisa said...

the best thing about a crappy week is that it can only get better......
Lisa x

Red from Ktown said...

Cute...the nails and fingers always seem to stretch longer with a beautiful new ring! Congrats to them.

9 years though?? Sounds like a Sex & the City episode. Good thing this will have a happy ending!

Anonymous said...

You go girl, so proud of you!
I'll follow you for sure!
Thank you so much for your concerned comment left on my blog. Thank you for allowing me to know you through being bloggers. I would love you to journey through the beautiful bloggers I follow, their fantastic and each one would love to know you!
So pleased for you and your friends!
Congradulations all!