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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pumpkin All Year Long

Last Sunday, Tom and I were wandering around target. On our wander, I saw a bag of pumpkin coffee. I love pumpkin coffee. I love pumpkin anything...but coffee...ummmm, I dream about it.

What a treat, I thought, pumpkin coffee in February. Never thinking, it was a "leftover" from the fall. I thought, I guess people realize it's time we have pumpkin all year round. And then I saw the tag. It said clearance. And I realized it was the only bag in sight.

And then my heart felt for that pumpkin coffee, in a way I didn't know it could.

I realized I felt empathy for the little bag of pumpkin coffee, because I too, have been on the clearance rack. A seasonal flavor, once adored...but the adoration grew less in time. Like the relationship people have with pumpkin, I have had with friendship.

You know what comes next. I scooped up that bag of coffee, and thought what a find! I am lucky to have the only bag of pumpkin coffee left in target. I smiled, because I see the beauty in what others may disregard. Grateful, because I understand the treasure in holding on to a good thing.

Some people go their whole life without seeing the joy of pumpkin all year long.


suziart said...

I love pumpkin everything, too! I even have pumpkin soap! Of, course, it was a left over from fall, my little happy find.

You write so eloquently and I feel those same feelings at times, myself.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Jenn, you made me smile with this post! I love it!
Enjoy your pumpkin coffee!!

Jenn said...

The pumpkin coffee is(was) delicious! I think deep down we all are have similiar cores. Crafty gals, with big hearts and strong souls.