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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, Sunday.

So, we were planning on going to the St. Patrick's Day parade in our town today. But, I woke up feeling kind of out of it. I felt bad telling tom, I could skip it. It's become a tradition and I didn't want to break it. I sort of said, you know, it's ok if we skip the parade. He said, really? Ok. I said, you won't be mad? He sad, nah. I'm fine with it.

It's not so much the parade we enjoy, but the walk to the parade. So, I guess we will have to take a walk to make up for it.

So, he's sitting on his chair studying. And I'm sitting here typing. Charlie is sleeping inside an empty Poland Spring container. The shrink wrapped packages are his favorite. And Taco is snoozing next to me.

I'm sitting here wondering if I could possibly get out of going to the laundry mat.
I do not like going to the laundry mat. He usually gets me there with a promise of a berry muffin from the bakery. But, I don't know if that will work as I already had some chocolate mint pirouettes this morning.

Speaking of laundry mats, Tom, my Mom and I went condo searching last night. For my Mom. I've been driving her nuts, trying to sell moving closer to me to her. ;) But, actually the reasoning is more than that(I could also use her washer and dryer).

But, seriously. I want her to be able to live somewhere, she can afford. So that maybe she can work one job. Instead of 80 hours a week.

I want her to be closer, so the next time she has the flu, I can bring her soup. My driving issues prevented me from going there last time. Tom went. But, I want to go. She has done everything for me. I want to do things for her. I want to pick her up for a change.

I want her to find a kind, loving soul to spend her time with. I want her to meet someone, damn it! Someone good. Someone extroadinary. Someone much like herself. Maybe a grey haired gentlemen, who has his shit together. Who would appreciate her. She deserves nothing less than spectacular. My mom is happy. Despite all the shit that's been through her way, she smiles. Everytime I see her. And lucky will the man be who shares and appreciates that smile. Not to mention, having me around as a bonus ;). I'm thinking a move, might inspire a new relationship!

Note to Mom. He cannot have a red car. Sorry.

On another note, I have spent every once of my energy either taking pictures, editing pictures or creating pictures. And writing. And jewelry making. And every ounce of my pay check on buying supplies. While I am so grateful for the job I have, I need to find a new way to fufill myself. It's not enough. My soul is feeling unchallanged.

I have been making all kinds of concoctions to add to my jewelry. It's to the point where Tom is afraid of anything he finds in paper cups. Is this a drink or a potion he says?

Oh, and my new adventure! I've started cutting and coloring my own hair. I wasn't happy with the place I was going to. Paying lots of money, and not loving my hair didn't make sense. So, I bought a book on hair coloring. And a book on hair cutting. And to my surprise, and to Tom's worked! I have a little hair salon under my sink. I put on music. Get all the colors ready(i actually mix my own recipes) and enjoy doing it. I do my touch ups when I need to and don't have to make an appointment. My next experiment is going to be the highlights. I have the supplies, I just have to get the nerve together. My Mom was even brave enough to let me cut and color hers. If I must say so myself, she looks damn good. Tom better watch out. He's next. I have to learn how to cut men's hair. My Mom's is similiar to mine so once I did mine, I felt confident in doing hers. His, I'm not so sure. I'll have to take a photo of our new do's.

If your interested, the best book I found is, The Hair Color Mix Book: More Than 150 Recipes for Salon-Perfect Color at Home: Lorri Goddard-Clark. There are a lot of "secrets" in there.

And a big hello goes out to my new Facebook friend, Patti. I "met" Patti, through this blog. I am very excited to be sharing my Facebook day, with such a great gal.

Life is good. A lazy Sunday. Cookies. A great boy. The best fur kids. And hopefully a move for my Momma.

I hope today finds you smiling,


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