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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Last year, mid April, I had such a rough go of things.

First, on April 15th, I lost my keys to my car in the craft store. And I only had one set. And a locksmith couldn't make a key. Only the dealer could. And it would take 3 days to get to me.

For 3 days, I had no car and couldn't find those keys. I had a lot of stress going on, and my brain was in middle of many thoughts. And, although I shouldn't have been shopping, I decided a trip to Micheals would make me feel better. Well, let's just say it didn't help much.

Then about 10 days later, I fell off my front stoop. Juggling too many things and trying not to let the cat out, prooved not so smart. No one was home but me. No one heard my yelling for 45 minutes. It was the longest, scariest 45 minutes. I didn't know what was wrong. What had broken. Or really even what had happened. An ambulance ride, with basically a stranger following the ambulance to the hospital was next.

And it took hours to get in touch with anyone. My cell phone was dead. The phone in the hospital was not letting me dial out. And everytime I went to dial, and could, I was forgetting numbers. Tom was at band. My Mom was at work. It was awful.

I broke my collar bone twice in that one fall. I fell 3 steps. For the rest of my life, my collar bone will be ugly. And there will always be issues with it. Just yesterday, I told Tom it might fall off after lifting some lite weights.

Point of me blabbing. You can be young(relatively), healthy and absent minded. Young(sort of), healthy and really hurt yourself. And mostly, you can be young(ok, not that young), healthy and let stress get to you.

I try now to remind myself, to breathe. To think before I move. And to remember what I do and where I put things.

Sometimes, I make very big messes.


Lisa said...

if it helps at all, those keys probably ended up as a centre piece in someones scrapbooking project.........
smooch dear jenn xx

suziart said...

UGH!!! I hear ya, sister! Last Friday night, I was doing art, on my computer and who knows what else when I stumbled in my house and thought I broke my pinky toe, blood gushing everywhere and me trying to stop it. Needed a couple of stitches, but no one was going to touch that foot! The pain kept me up all night. I know this is so minor to your accident, but it just goes to show how we are juggling too much and not taking that Breathing Time you suggested. How awful last April was for you and I hope this one is full of blessings!
Hugs, Suzi

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

What a nightmare!! That's just horrible that you hurt yourself so bad in that fall.

Did anybody at the craft store ever find the keys? That's crazy that you didn't have your car for 3 days because of a key! What are auto manufacturers thinking anyway! These things happen (lots for my boyfriend!) and there should be an easier fix.

Love your attitude.....good girl!

Jenn said...

You know what's funny? Months later, on a whim, I asked them to check to see if anyone had turned in keys. And guess what? There they were. Even though I had called a million times. Left my number. They never got in touch with me. Actually, they were annoyed at me for bugging them.
They were not pleasant at all. Or helpful.

I was sure they'd end up in some project!

Now I have a huge keychain!!!!