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Monday, May 11, 2009

Teeny Tiny

We have a teeny tiny house.

One bedroom. A galley kitchen. A living room that we have made a living room/dining room combo. But with a a pub table, with two seats.

Our bedroom is so tiny, we don't have nightstands or a dresser.

We left a huge apartment two and a half years ago, for a teeny tiny house.

I was the encourager. Looking back, I think I was talking with my heart. We had been together for only a few months, yet I felt it was time to buy a house. And of course, this was when the housing market was crazy...prices were out of control. And neither one of us wanted to put a huge financial strain on our relationship, so we bought something we knew we could afford, in a decent location. And although I'm pretty sure my Mom thought I was nut, I knew in my heart we could make it work.

And yesterday, looking around our teeny house, I realized we did.

Sure it's small. Sure it's not for everyone. And it may not be for us for always, but for right now, this bungalo is a nest that this bird loves to be in.

We had 7 people over for dinner yesterday. We were eating on the pub table, the coffee table, on stools on ottomans, on the floor and not once did anyone complain. Even the fur kids were feasting beside us. There was a lot of love in this house yesterday and in a way, I felt overwhelmed by the fabulous characters that are in my life.

Five years ago, I couldn't have predicted the dinner arrangement my house held yesterday. I couldn't have predicted this house. This family. This life. Some would say it's uncertainity, but I say it's living.

I love my teeny tiny house.
I love my fabulous family.
And I am grateful for the Monday mornings that I go back to work feeling so loved.

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