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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paying Attention to Details

I love details. Sometimes I overlook the big things, for a detail. Maybe wait to the last minute to get a dress, but find shoes two years in advance. I find details to be the most fun!

Here is a link to the bag I bought for myself and Mom to wear to the wedding. Mine is the gold and blue. My Mom's is the purple.

I fell in love with this bag the second I saw it. Ruffles. I love ruffles. There is just something so romantic about layers of ruffles. And organza ruffles are my favorite.

The designer, Iroshka, is soooo sweet and so easy to talk with. A true pleasure, I highly recommend one of these bags for you!

Oh, and check out the cranberry party skirt. That's next on my shopping list!

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