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Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's My Hubbin's Birthday!

Today is Tom's birthday. When he woke up I announced, today, 46 years ago, the best husband in the world was born! And I mean it with every part of me.

I am so grateful for him. For the little and big things he does. And so proud of him, for all the growth I've seen in him over the past four years.

He moved in.
He bought a house.
He went back to school.
He got married.

Last night I looked over at him, as he was studying, and caught a shimmer from the ring on his hand. Then I thought back to the first day I met him(i remember looking at his hands)and I thought to myself, I can't believe he's married! And to me!!

I love my hubbin. And I am so happy for his birthday.

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Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Tom!