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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Over the Moon

We didn't have a song or first dance, because it just seemed silly. We dance to the beat in our hearts daily. Why settle for one dance to build upon a lifetime?

I had so much fun being with my family, having breakfast, going to the flea market and walking down Tinker Street with my Mom, I forgot to polish my toe nails that morning. And I wore flip flops and you could see my chipped polish. And I just didn't care. A pedicure seemed like such a waste of time, when I had my family there to love.

It poured. My dress was soaked. My hair looked messy and my shoes didn't work with the dress(enter Old Navy flip flops). But, none of that could take away from the moment. I looked out from under the tree that I was using as an umbrella, and saw Tom. I knew my smile would make up for my attire.

I was calm. Cool. Thrilled. Over the moon.

I got married on Saturday to my best friend. A man that makes me laugh for no reason and with no reserve. A boy who loves my quirks as much as I love his cool. A soul who is truer than me, to him, to us.

I am truly happy.

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suziart said...

So happy for you both!!! Congratulations!!! Love all the posts.
Xo, SuZi