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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Save The Date

This was our save the date. Etsy, of course..where else?

Tom and I love the library so, I thought to have them printed on library cards would be a great idea. We go to the library once a week, and go for heros afterwards. It's our date night.

Tom had this paragraph on the top of his profile. So, I thought instead of having the traditional blah blah blah, mushy, gushy stuff on it, I would use that. It was more fitting, as that was the first thing I read about Tom. Quite honestly though, I would have written him if he was talking about fish eggs. It was the picture that drew me in.

It was never really about the profile. Before you even get to the profile, you see the picture. It was all about his face. His eyes. His smile.

Hmmm, maybe I should have just put a big picture of him on it?

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Sarah said...

Love it!! Seth and I met through too :)