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Saturday, July 11, 2009

So Happy

I'm in the best mood today. It's beautiful out. I'm cleaning the house. Tom just took Taco to the hardware store. Then we are going to do our Saturday chores and tonite go see our friend Gary.

I am so grateful for having an ordinary Saturday. No chaos. Just doing the things that people do. For so long I didn't know what was coming next. And it's not until you live that way that realize how wonderful it is to have a routine.

I know some people look for excitement, vacations and parties. And for the longest time, I tried to be that person. But it wasn't me. I'm a homebody. I'm a geek. A cornball. I'd rather have cookies in pajamas then be anywhere else on a Friday night. And I am so grateful to have found a man that feels the exact same way.

I think alot of being in a relationship is first being true to yourself. If you don't know who you are, how can he? And I think alot of why Tom and I are so happy together, is because when we met, we knew our true selves.

As my friend Debbie says, your truth is all you have. And now I realize, before you can truly know what you need in a relationship, you need to be true to your true self.

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suziart said...

Amen, Darling!
You are bursting with positive energy and happiness, so wonderful to see!
Xo, SuZi