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Thursday, September 10, 2009


I just found out my Grandmother passed away.

I'm feeling a million emotions right now. As a little girl, I admired her. She had talent and taste and knew how do to things.

She was fabulous cook, fabulous painter, and knew how to make blueberries with heavy cream and sugar taste divine.

I'm sure she is the reason I have to have something sweet after dinner, as she was like that too. And sometimes, I think I look like her.

I don't have much of a relationship with my father, actually I don't have one at all. And in recent years my father and grandmother moved in together, so I never saw her much. Hardly at all.

It's so weird, when a woman you were so close to as a child passes away, when you don't have a close relationship with her as an adult. No matter what, she's my grandmother...and I still see her in the eyes of a little a girl.

Rest Grandma...and know I love you.

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Sarah said...

I am so very sorry for your loss Jenn! This is one of my greatest fears and just reading this made me fearful of the day I lose my grandmother. Hang in there!