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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Real Thing

Whenever my Aunt Angie would write us, she would always use her own "slang". She would shorten words, change was her own unique style. When I read back on her old emails, the familiarity of the way she wrote makes me feel better. She didn't talk like this in real life, but she had her own "code" when she wrote.

Like this, an email after Tom and I got engaged....

"love ring tom you have good taste
1 my godaughter
2 the ring a ding
yes I am so happy I have a nephew but always were since I meet ya"

and this...

"I just look e mail
and I cryed I know what that ring was
I happy for you"

I miss my Aunt Angie soooo much. I try to write like her, but it doesn't sound as good. It was her way. And you sometimes you just can't duplicate the real thing...

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